Air Conditioning Tips to Save You Money

Air Conditioning Tips to Save You Money

In the current tough economic times even the rich are struggling. People are now embracing every trick in their play book just to save money. Energy consumption is one of the easiest ways to save money and live greener. Below are some air conditioning tips to help you save energy and money.

1. Buy a fan

During the summer instead of using an A.C to cool the air you can use a fan instead. The AC uses a lot of electricity than a fan, this can be because a fan is more smaller and does not need a lot of electricity to operate. Further more a fan is also more cheaper than an A.C.

2. Shut or open the vents and the window depending on the temperature

A lot of heat is lost through open windows and vents. Closing them helps to preserve heat in the house, this allows you to switch off the A.C or turn it down because the heat can be preserved in the house during the winter.

When its hot you should open the windows and vents so that there can be circulation of fresh and cool air instead of using the A.C.

3. Buy a portable air conditioner

There are different types and sizes of A.C’s that function differently too. There are larger once that control temperatures of the entire house, these type of A.C’s consume a lot of energy since they control temperature of a larger area.

Portable A.C’s help you save a lot of money because they consume less energy and can control temperatures of a specific room instead of the entire house.

4. Switch off the lights

Bulbs too do produce heat. When it is hot switching off bulbs that are not in use helps in conserving a lot of energy and money in the long run. Or you can also buy energy saver bulbs that save energy and do not produce any heat.

5. Turn the AC down at night

Unless the temperatures are unbearable, you are advised to switch off or turn down the A.C at night. When all the Windows and vents are closed the temperature in the house are stable. By turning off the A.C at night regularly a lot of cash would be saved by the end of the month or year.

6. Turn off the AC when no one is in the house

When no one is in the house, turning off the A.C is a good idea since no one would be using them. This helps you save a lot of money that could have been wasted.

7. Regular maintenance

A faulty A.C consumes more energy and wastes a lot of money when you are repairing it. Servicing the A.C regularly ensures it functions well without hitches and in the process you get to save money.