Hunting for AC Specialists

Construction companies are always looking for better ways to save time and money. The same rule goes for AC installers as well. Unfortunately, some companies cut corners unnecessarily and put the property and the new owner in jeopardy. The competition for Real Estate is fierce. Whether it be residential or commercial, Builders feel the pressure to get their structures up and the quickest time frame possible. This leads to some companies using lower grade supplies or labor to meet their budget easier. The proper placement of an air conditioning unit is vital to it’s proper operation. When all the contracts are signs, construction companies are committed to using a certain type of material for every aspect of the project. Many times will happen is that along the way they will substitute quality building materials for cheap knock-offs. Once the initial permits are filed, a lot of times there is little oversight once the building has begun. Especially when the work is almost complete.

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There is no way to go back and make sure that every proper procedure was used. For example let’s say a room needed for studs per wall. The Builder could quickly put up all four walls with only three studs once the drywall where cement board was put into place, no one would be the wiser. If they use a similar procedure throughout an entire building, they would save a lot of time and materials, but the safety of the building would be in question. Not to mention the fact that they are paid to use a certain amount and quality of materials. The second aspect which comes into play quite often is hiring non-qualified workers on the work site.

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While the main AC installers may all be licensed in their field, they often hire common laborers to do most of the work while they oversee from a distance. Every crew member on the team should be just as qualified as the supervisors, but that is not always the case. A certified HVAC technician for instance, May cost $30 to $40 per hour. They may find someone to do the work and half the price but have less skill. Once the building is in place and everyone has been paid, then they initial Builder we’ll just have to hope that no one does a thorough inspection, or they don’t have problems with the building later. They would be better off in the long run if they just did the proper work from the start. This is a small group I’m talking about. The majority of the companies work with high integrity and are very reliable.

How to Recondition your Central air Unit to be Efficient

How to Recondition your Central air Unit to be Efficient

To keep your central air unit functioning optimally, you must service it regularly. Some of the work you can do it yourself or contact an expert. Your service provider can assist in servicing the unit by sending their technician. A well-maintained unit will use energy efficiently and last longer. One of the most important aspects of an efficient system is to keep the air filters clean. Dust and dirt can clog the filters and damage them. This will, in turn, result in increased energy usage.

How to do it

1. Yearly service

Every year contact an expert to service your unit. The best time for this exercise is during the spring season. They should clean the coils, replace the filters, drain the drainage system and the pan, and change the vacuum bower compartment.

2. Cleaning the unit

Over time debris will build over the AC unit, this will reduce its efficiency and limit airflow. Wash the condenser coils and vents to clear any debris and dirt. During winter check the filters every month, you may require to replace or clean them. Use a damp piece of cloth to wipe the outside. Shut it off and use a garden hose to clean it.  Here is a guide on cleaning your unit.

3. Check the electrical connection

If you cant do it let your expert assist you. They should check for any loose connections and fix them. Check for any signs of overheating and replace any damaged parts.

4. The thermostat

Think of upgrading it, if it is not programmable. With a programmable thermostat, you can adjust the temperature of your home by either increasing or decreasing the temperature. Check if it is working well.

5. Condenser fan

Check the condenser fan, ensure it is functioning properly. Switch off the power and locate the fan unit. Check if the blades are in good condition or require to be replaced.

After servicing the unit, the technician must make sure that all parts of the unit are working. Parts that require lubrication should be lubricated. For your central air unit to work efficiently, maintain it at the right levels, usually between 5 to 15 %.

To conduct any maintenance of your central unit make sure power is switched off. Maintenance of your Ac unit is important to ensure comfort in your home during extreme weather condition whether summer or winter. A unit that is well maintained will be energy efficient, save on the cost of regular repairs and possible breakdown. It will also last longer.